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Gabby | Portrait Session

Gabby lives on a beautiful wooded property about 30mins from our studio. Her parents rock – they have a huge haunted house in their backyard for Halloween every year. Apparently the Discovery Channel has even shown interest in some of the crazy neat activities that her Dad’s involved in. How awesome!


Jordan & Nathan | Portrait Session

These two munchkins were the big brothers of the twins MaKayla and Connor. Nathan really wanted us to use the blue backdrop so they sat in for a few shots at the end of the twins’ session. We got a few smiling photos but most of the frames are silly faces. Such goofballs!


MaKayla & Connor | Twins | Portrait Session

These twins are three and a half weeks old. They are twins but they both have different birthdays. One was born May 31st and the other was born June 1st. Mom wasn’t able to get their photos taken at the hospital because MaKayla was rushed off to the NICU. As you can imagine, she was anxious to […]


Jackson | Portrait Session

Baby Jack was five days old for his first photo shoot and what a handsome little man he is! The family was yet again a referral from a previous client. Thank you again! This was my first shoot with Lemondrop Stop drops and I am in love with the way they photograph. You can plan […]


Jeanna & Tim | Engagement Session

Jeanna and Tim booked with me this past spring for this engagement session and their wedding at the end of July. We started in Fells Point, where the couple had their first date then we went over to the train yard on Boston St because Jeanna is a railroad conductor. Pretty kick-butt right? We got […]


Isabella | Portrait Session

Isabella is a beautiful 3-month old little girl with the most adorable baby pudge rolls! The family had a big beautiful window in the living room that allowed us to shoot most of our shots using natural light. Thank goodness for this because Isabella was not happy with the flash of the strobes. We started […]


Sappenfield Family | Portrait Session

The Sappenfield Family came to us after seeing a session sample post on Facebook. How wonderful is it that? We met at Federal Hill Park in downtown Baltimore and shot a series of shots in the park and the harbor. We barely escaped the rain but their beautiful 9-month-old daughter was very patient with us […]


Lucy | Portrait Session

Lucy’s dad is a deputy sheriff who works with Jeremy at the courthouse. The family lives up in Pennsylvania. We travelled down the most beautiful backroads and cutest towns to get to their house. Such an adorable family!


Johnny Turns One!

Johnny had learned to walk days before our shoot so we were lucky to keep him in one place long enough to take his photo but he did great! Apparently the way to keep this little man planted is to play the intro to the Black Eyes Peas’ “Imma B” over and over again. He […]


Julie | Maternity Session

Julie is a photographer herself but it’s obviously difficult to get shots of yourself and your family so she came to us for maternity shots. Julie is expecting her little lady “Alexis” in early May. The baby will be lucky enough to have two big brothers to watch out for her.